StickNFind SDK

StickNFind is an engineering company with a small software development team that designs our consumer applications and supports our developer community. Using our SDK software developers can create a wide range of applications or easily integrate StickNFind products with their existing applications. Some key SDK features for the StickNFind Sticker SDK are listed below:
Create Beacons / iBeacons
Read Battery Life
Read Temperature
Calibrate Temperature
Read Tap Counter
Read Signal Strength
Set up to 4 different broacast packets with up to 29 bytes of user data with or without encryption
Broadcast packets can be set to contain battery level, temperature, and the number of taps.
Receive broadcast packets and
decrypt if needed
Set broadcast speed
Set connection speed
Set minimum pairing rssi
Set authentication key that allows connection without pairing
Update sticker firmware
Control alerts

StickNFind SDK License Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the StickNFind SDK. To get started please read the terms below and agree at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email within 24-48 hours afterwards with the SDK and more information. If you would like to discuss the SDK or your project with us please email


Discover How Beacons Deliver Innovation

by adding new and simple contextually aware beacons to your retail store solutions and enterprise applications

Drive Marketing Campaigns in New Ways

by triggering actions you control linked to your retail store services and indoor venue mapping solutions ducts based

Increase Customer Engagement

by engaging customers indoors within geo-fence triggers that location to offer welcome, loyalty and incentive offers

Contact StickNFind As Your Partner

by contacting us, you can quickly move to pilot applications and successful rollouts with our worldwide support

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