Ultra-Small Bluetooth GPS Locator

The Stick-N-Find BluTracker is an ultra small Bluetooth GPS locator. It has a range of over 0.5 Miles, the battery lasts for over 2 months in between charges, and it has a full GPS engine and motion detector. There are absolutely no service fees!

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Meet the BlueTracker

Most pets that are lost, are within a couple of blocks from your home. BlueTrackers will make it easy for you to find your pet. Track your kids in large playgrounds, parks, or in your neighborhood. Know their exact outdoor locations within 2500 feet. The motion detector notifies you if your items move.

Blutracker CU

LONG RANGE Bluetooth 4.0

Over half a mile range (US Version)! How did we achieve such amazing range? We are using in-house custom modified RF amplifiers designed for very long range. We also use a special Omni directional Antenna designed for long range. This enables a line of sight Radius Range of more than half a Mile. (about 800 meters)

An Amazing App

We made an amazing app for BluTracker, with many features...

Virtual Fence

Pinpoint the BluTracker easily on a map. On Google Maps you will see yourself as a blue dot and BluTracker as a red dot. You can also draw a circle to create a Virtual Fence around you. Any time the BluTracker moves outside this Virtual Fence, your phone will alert you.

Radar Screen

Because GPS does not work indoors,
we created the radar feature.

The Radar Screen will display BluTracker in a Radar type Screen. Of course, because we don't really know direction, the radar Screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the BluTracker to your phone, but not direction. So once you have located on the Radar Screen a BluTracker you would like to find, you start walking in a specific direction, and see if it gets closer or farther.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery last for about 2 months with continuous use. That means you can attach it to your Pets collar, and literally forget about for a couple of months. Or Attach it to a kids sneaker, bag pack etc.

When the battery is low, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge it!

Many ways to attach BluTracker

So Many Use Cases!

Get an Alert if someone is moving your bike.

But, where did you park it?

BluTracker will help you find it too.

Know where your workers are.

BluTracker has a Motion Detector. Get an alert on your phone, if someone touches your stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the US Version and the European version?

It is the same unit. When you set up your unit for the first time, to meet European laws and Certification, selecting Europe as your location will load the EU profile. The US profile transmits a stronger signal than the European one. To meet European CE and ETSI Certification, we had to lower the Transmission signal for the European profile. For the US Profile we meet the maximum allowance per FCC Title 47, Section 15.247.

How many BluTrackers can 1 Smartphone find?

We recommend using no more than 20 BluTrackers at the same time.

Can multiple phones connect to a BluTracker?

You can pair a BluTracker to many phones, and even see all the BluTrackers in range on the Radar screen from many phones at the same time, but only one phone can make connect to a BluTracker. (make it Buzz, or create the Virtual Leash at a time)

Is the signal with coordinates being transmitted from the BluTracker encrypted?

BluTracker encrypts the signal, and only a phone that was paired with BluTracker will be able to decode the signal.

What to do if my pet is lost, and I cant locate BluTracker on my phone?

Start walking or driving in any direction. The BluTracker app will keep searching for the BluTracker. You only need 1 Signal to be picked from the BluTracker to know its exact last known GPS coordinates. Once that signal is picked, it will pinpoint the location on the BluTracker Map view app. With the US Version we have picked up signals as far as 1 mile with direct line of sight.

How easy is to pair a BluTracker to your smartphone?

This step, is only needed for the very first time you want to pair BluTracker with your phone. You launch the BluTracker app, select to add a new device, after the phone finds the BluTracker within the app, it will prompt you to scan a barcode or enter the Private key belonging to the BluTracker. You are done.

What Smartphones does the BluTracker work with?

BluTracker works iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, New iPad, iPad mini, New iPod touch. It also works on Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.0 and newer. We have tested it on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Note 2, and it works great! (Since the support for Bluetooth 4.0 on the Samsung S3 is bad, we wrote the Bluetooth drivers on our own)

Do I need a separate adapter or special case for my phone?

Nothing special is required. BluTracker will communicate directly with your Smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

What is the Line-of-Sight range of BluTracker?

US Version is Approximately 2500 feet or 0.5 miles.

European Version is approximately 120 Meters.

What is the range of BluTracker when there are buildings or trees between the Smartphone and BluTracker?

US Version is approximately 400 ft to 1000 feet.

Version is approximately 40-80 Meters.

How long will the battery last?

The rechargeable battery inside BluTracker will last about 2 months, with continuous use. It will take about 1 hour to fully charge it once again.

What kind of battery does the BluTracker use?

The BluTracker uses a Li-Polymer Rechargeable battery.

Will the BluTracker radar app, show me the direction to my lost object indoors?

Because we don't really know direction, the radar Screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the BluTracker to your phone, but not direction. So once item you are looking for is on your Radar Screen you start walking in a specific direction, and see if it gets closer or farther.

How do you attach a BluTracker to your dog?

BluTracker comes with a rubber-mounting holder, which will attach it to any Pet’s collar. You can also thread in the collar if you prefer not using the rubber holder.

How do you attach a BluTracker to a bag pack?

BluTracker comes with a key ring, that easily enables it to be connected to any zipper, or fabric loop.

Is the BluTracker water resistant?

Yes, the design of BluTracker is water resistant. This doesn't mean that you can go diving with it. BluTracker will not work underwater.

What type of Charger comes with the BluTracker?

BluTracker comes with a USB type cable charger. You can plug it to any PC USB socket, or any USB Charger.


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